3 raw Brazil nuts 

5 stems cilantro (wash, pluck leaves; discard stems) 

1 drop cilantro essential oil 

1 organic pear, sliced with skin on, seeds removed 

1 organic orange or tangerine, peeled 

1 drop orange essential oil 

2 tablespoons raw pumpkin seeds or raw sunflower seeds 

¼ cup unsweetened vanilla coconut- or almond-milk yogurt alternative 

⅛ teaspoon powdered kelp (optional) 

Purified or distilled water

Supplies: Blender 


Place the Brazil nuts, cilantro, essential oils, pear, orange, raw pumpkin seeds, yogurt alternative, and powdered kelp (if using) in a blender. g Blend thoroughly. If needed, add distilled water until the smoothie reaches desired consistency.

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